Monday, August 22, 2011

Monday Earworm: Total Babes

We're back in action after a whirlwind tour of LA which found us in TV and recording studios, beach bonfires, desert hills, and sceney brunch locales. Yet, after all that it's great to be back amongst our beer-swilling, snarky, non-driving New York brethren. So on our walk to work this morning, with a fresh cup of Mud, this little gem came on to really sweeten the deal. Total Babes' Swimming Through Sunlight drops next week courtesy of the great folks at Old Flame Records. Total Babes have been getting some extra love from the press as it features members of Cloud Nothings, who if you remember, made a pretty excellent record themselves this year. Grab Total Babes' album next week, and throw that Cloud Nothings record back on your shuffle to hold you over till then. "Be So True" doesn't rewrite the lo fi pop songbook, but with its Wavves-inflected sound the tune captures a rock-solid hook, perfect for those Labor Day parties complete with 24oz novelty Coors Lights.

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