Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tonight at Pianos


A few weeks back we caught wind of an excellent new group from Baltimore - the synth-laden hook heavy White Life. Tonight they will be in New York at Pianos, playing a great bill which includes Shelock's Daughter, who are in the midst of big residency of their own.

While we've yet to see White Life in the flesh - what we've heard promises to be high energy - well-written party music. This is one of those bands you will hear about all year, so buy early so you can tell your friends you were there when.

We're psyched to be bringing you one of the first looks at the new video for their single "Time is Wasting" - enjoy folks. White Life are on the earlier side of the bill tomorrow.

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joe said...

Check them out on twitter @whitelifemusic. All songs are now available on iTunes as well