Friday, August 7, 2009

New Video: The XX -"Basic Space"

We have been on a bit of an XX kick these past few days. Some have described this album as a "heroin addiction they just can't kick --" that being the case, druggies beware. Addiction lies inside this jewel case. Did I just write a promo sticker that will, from now on and forever, run with this record? Yep. The video above is a pseudo-behind the scenes Pitchfork TV special for the band's tune "Basic Space." XX's self-titled debut is full of electronic ebb and flow --while truly delightful and mesmerizing, the record tends to do little else. We love it though, even if it grinds the gears in first at times.

The XX will be opening at Sean Bones' record release party at Mercury Lounge this evening.

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