Tuesday, January 20, 2009

If This Is What Epilepsy Is Like, Count Us In


Antony & The Johnsons released the fantastic new album, The Crying Light, today. We've been riding this for weeks as one of the best albums of our still very young 2009, and as the reviews start coming in, the world seems to agree. Pitchfork, who yesterday bestowed the prestigious Best New Music tag on the album, is premiering Antony's wild new video for the single "Epilepsy Is Dancing," and we're in turn relaying the video to you in case you read Stark Online over the far-less-popular Pitchfork. 

Naturally, "Epilepsy" is the centerpiece in this week's On The Blog Reel. Antony asked The Wachowski Brothers (remember them?) to help him out for the video, and they put matters into the hands of painters Tino Rodriguez and Virgo Paradiso, who created tribal costumes and a mystical environment. Choreographer Sean Dorsey and his dancers brought the dream sequence to life, and directors AFAS helmed the final product. So yeah, it's sort of a production. It's haunting and exquisite, lending the already haunting-and-exquisite song its perfect visual counterpart. View the video after the jump.

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