Monday, December 8, 2008

New Under Electric Light Video - "This Moment"


Part of the fun of looking for things to blog about on a Monday morning is discovering something truly awesome amidst a pile of crap. Enter Under Electric Light, a one-man shoegaze project from Montreal. For this week's On The Blog Reel, We're bringing you the video for "This Moment", a dreamy, rhythmic pop song straight from the time when dinosaurs like My Bloody Valentine and The Jesus And Mary Chain roamed the earth. (I guess that would be the Mesozaic era.) The video, directed by Canadian team Alexandre Auger and Jean-Sebastien Caron, is an iPod-commercial-worthy-kind-of-but-not-quite-animated-mind-trip, and it suits the song perfectly.

Under Electric Light, a.k.a Danny Provencher, has got a 4-track CD-R After The Blue available via uber-tiny Quebec label Think About The Future. (So tiny they've only got three friends on Myspace. Do what's right!) Both ventures are definitely on our radar now. Check out the video for "This Moment" after the jump.

This Moment from under electric light on Vimeo.

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