Monday, December 8, 2008

Black Lips Like Numbers, New Album In February

While we're busy counting out the title to The Black Lips' new album, 200 Million Thousand, you can start counting down the days until it arrives February 24, 2009 via VICE. We're excited to announce the release date of the album, the follow-up LP to last year's wacky Good Bad Not Evil
The 14 tracks that make up 200 Million Thousand show true early rock and roll at it’s finest: simple, straightforward songwriting mesh perfectly with the Black Lips distinctive howl to create a time capsule rife with nods to simple pleasures and a world of worry.  It’s a modern, mature reflection on life and the world traveled.  As has come to be expected, 200 Million Thousand will be followed by ample opportunity to see Black Lips do what they do best – whip a crowd into a pure ball of drunk, unpredictable energy. Having spent the better part of their formative years touring the world, Black Lips have emerged garage rock veterans.
If you haven't already snagged it, VICE recently released a free Christmas sampler (featuring Black Lips' "Veni Vidi Vici") that is available now via Amazon. 

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