Sunday, October 19, 2008

CMJ Watch III: Caitlin Rose

Caitlin Rose, purveyor of her own brand of "cosmic American music" and Bobbie's Dairy Dip ice cream, makes her annual trip from Nashville to NYC for a week of shows, most during CMJ.

While some New Yorkers stay away from CMJ due to it's "crowds", "hype", and "hipster kids" - Rose is a reason to make it out. Many bands during CMJ can be seen throughout the year at NYvenues, but the real treats come in the form of artists like Rose who can only make it to NY about once a year.

She draws from all forms of country music, but manages to maintain a unique sound that recalls such influences as Gram Parsons, Patsy Cline and Townes Van Zandt. Yet, she plays with her own attitude and style - driving each song with lyrics like "true love is a shotgun wedding" (fist pump to Bristol Palin.) Rose can sing in a sometimes quirky voice, but can also wail like the aforementioned Ms. Cline.

Caitlin Rose is here for seven days playing four shows, so you jaded bastards have no excuse for not coming to at least one. She also hates the word "indie" so you won't be getting too much of that here. Rose's EP Dead Flowers and 7" Gorilla Man are out now and available HERE for $5.
Oct 21 2008 - Alphabet Lounge
Oct 22 2008 - Public Assembly
Oct 25 2008 - Rockwood Music Hall
Oct 28 2008 - Lit Lounge
(Check your local listings for set-times)

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