Wednesday, August 13, 2008

War on Drugs - "Needle in your Eye #16" Video

Now that we've cleansed ourselves of that rather unfortunate live show last month at the Mercury Lounge, we've been able to go back to what is a really great record from War on Drugs. Yesterday, Pitchfork TV debuted this psychedelic mish-mash of vintage Americana videos heavy on footage of displaced Native Americans. The tune "Needle in Your Eye #16" rolls along with pulsing Hammond organ accompanied by a steady drone of guitars, bass and drums. Similar to the entire record Wagonwheel Blues, the at-times-dull rhythms and electronic background noise, do little to detract from the band's great Dylanesque-rock melodies. Such is why the record succeeds - it melds the electronic and acoustic, but manages never to lose that catchy, organic feel.

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