Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Priscilla Ahn's Take Away Show - "Dream"

Stark knew Ahn before she was even a glisten in Blue Note's eye. Attending a show at the Living Room that would ultimately get her signed, Stark had mixed feelings about Ahn at the onset. Her newest album A Good Day, strikes varying chords - some songs resonate, while others recede - she still has some growing up to do. All the latter were evident in her performance at the Living Room.

The beauty of Vincent Moon directed Take Aways Shows, are their ability to seemingly freeze time - they depict artists at specific moments in their careers be it personal highs or lows. Here we see youthfulness and vocal talents - the black and white cinematography adding tasteful dramatic elements. Ahn's voice is only accentuated by the cacophony of the barren room in which she sings. Her most recognizable tune "Dream" takes on angelic qualities as Ahn is alone and in the flesh. Although her surroundings are unappealing, the song and performance are not. Enjoy.

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Anonymous said...

this is my introduction to her and it is love at first sight. honestly, where do I meet her?