Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Praveen & Benoit - New Album - mp3

Praveen & Benoit - "Embers" - mp3
Set to drop August 26th on Music Related, Songs Spun Simla, the joint effort of Praveen Sharma and Thomas Meluch (aka Benoit Pioulard), is definitely worth a look. While the two have apparently only met a handful of times, their collaboration conveys an acute familiarity with each other's work that results in a beautiful integration of style and sound. "Embers" (above) is goodness. A musical reverie - it's lovely, introspective and there is much to appreciate. The track showcases both the interesting arrangements typical of Sharma, and Pioulard's ethereal vocal harmonies. Also worth checking out is Pioulard's 2006 release Precis. Dig it.

Tara McCarthy Stark Contributing Writer

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Anonymous said...

These songs are beautiful. I can't believe I've never heard of these two before.