Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Start Your Day Tripping w/ Bradford Cox

Pitchfork TV posts the exclusive Bradford Cox behind the scenes look at this year's Pitchfork music festival -- for those without the means to make it to said festival (cough Stark), Cox does well to transport viewers back in time, and back stage. Enjoy Pitchfork TV's whimsical camera work as they pan the chests of HEALTH band members revealing their homemade T-shirts. Also take note of the multitude of hoarse voices surrounding the Khan camp, tour manager Kristen Klein included. I recently read that Fleet Foxes plans to adopt the new Khan-established moniker of the "Fleet Somethings..." You're better than that Khan. Watch Dean Spunt of No Age's face as Cox provides a warm embrace asking about the new Batman movie -- so awkward. Bon Iver also makes an appearance here. Just enjoy the craziness of it all -- this is just part one. Check out part 2 and 3 on Pitchfork as well.

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