Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I Shall Be Released: Fight Bite -Emerald Eyes...mp3

Fight Bite "Swiss Ex-Lover" - mp3
Fight Bite "The Accident" - mp3
Yes, many people have recently been coming out in favor of the Denton, Texas duo Fight Bite - most notably GVB and Stereogum. After listening to these soft, delicate melodies and layers of keyboard sound, it's hard not to fall for them. Although alluding to Beach House's gauzy textures at times, it is the vocals and songs of founder Leanne Macomber that truly sets the two groups apart. Her flowing lyrical lines mixed with co-writer/instrumentalist Jeff Louis' production techniques and singing, produce a hazy analog-ambiance that perfectly complements the melancholy and beauty of Fight Bite's sound. Bells, drums and xylophone float in and out of the duo's harmonies. The drum sounds and keyboard rhythms seem charmingly amateur at times, but they guide this collection of songs and give the record a unique character. Fight Bite will certainly be one to watch this fall as their self-released debut Emerald Eyes is due on 10/28 with tour dates to come.

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