Monday, August 4, 2008

King Khan & The Shrines @ Mercury Lounge 8/2/08

Saturday night was one of those nights you really had to see to believe. Khan was a spectacle, and his soul infused funk/rock merely served as a vehicle for him to convey his over-the-top, out-of-control and entertainingly vulgar stage persona. At most shows I go to, it's all about the music - but the Khan show was all about the experience. Taking the stage around 1:00 a.m., Khan and his super tight band The Shrines, treated the sweaty and sold out Mercury Lounge to the following:
-A pile of burning US currency on stage
-About 15 stalactite-like lugies hanging from the ceiling
-A snake cane
-Khan's ass
-Khan's testicles
-A plastic gladiator helmet
-A cape
-Numerous beers thrown and spit into the crowd
-Numerous trips into the audience by Khan and band, and KORG keyboard

All aspects culminated in a forced make-out/simulated doggy-style sex with Deerhunter's Bradford Cox who shared the vocals on a cover of "Rebel Rebel." The evening's songs blurred together in a sweaty, hairy ,voodoo mass, but they were mostly tunes from his newest collection of European singles and hits entitled Genius of King Khan and the Shrines. Our photographer Karp put it best by saying "The vulgarity and grossness of it all was overpowered by its fucking awesomeness." How true. More photos after the jump.

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karp said...

you changed it! and here i was going to leave a comment about the media monkeys and the junket junkies inviting me to their plastic pantomime. twas a sick show... body fluids, naughty bits, and all.