Monday, August 29, 2011

Down On The Bikini Line

The world is a better place for having Jonny Corndawg in it. Before we even got a glimpse of his excellent new album Down on the Bikini Line (coming out 8/30 on Thirty Tigers) we heard tales of the wit, friendliness, humor and generosity that accompanied Corndawg's crisp songwriting style and homages to past country music greats. After purchasing some of his amazing hand-crafted leather products (BUY THEM) and hearing an advance of the record, we were full converts.

Corndawg, without lapsing into cheesy ironic tropes, manages to remind us all to not take ourselves so seriously all the time. Music can be quality, while still being fun an uplifting. Not everything needs to consist of found VHS analog footage spliced with arty black and white vignettes and dark minor key melodies. Moreover, Country music has a long history of humor in its catalog. While nodding to the likes of George Jones and Waylon Jennings, Jonny Corndawg keeps his sound current and relevant - writing tight tunes with lyrics like "when a Ford man turns to Chevy, an angel gets its wings." Special shout out to special Nashville friends like Caitlin Rose who make some awesome guest appearances here. Click here for national tour dates.

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