Monday, February 21, 2011

New Video/New Music - Star Slinger - "Mornin'"

Star Slinger - Mornin' (Official Music Video) from Star Slinger on Vimeo.

I came across this video recently released by UK producer Star Slinger, for his track "Mornin'" (VIA.) I've managed to listen to this about 10 times since stumbling upon it, and since have been doing some digging to find out just who Star Slinger is. What is his deal? Well, long story short, there isn't much to go on other than Star Slinger manages to craft boyant, sunny-day pop, pseudo-mash up gems like this one above titled, "Mornin'" featured on his mix tape Volume 1. These tracks make "coolness" easy to obtain, especially if dropped at the right time during a hipster-house party. Everyone will wonder, 'Who is on the Hi Fi?' and you will look cool, unless of course, you aren't cool. Star Slinger's tunes also make for great amateur DJ fodder, easily placed somewhere between a track from MIA's new shitty mixtape, or a horrible James Blake song (wait, that entire record makes me wanted to eat my own vomit.) Happy whatever day it is.

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