Saturday, February 19, 2011

New Video: Yeasayer - "I Remember"

Odd Blood is Yeasayer's sophomore album, but debut record for Secretly Canadian and one that is proving to have long, sustaining legs. Rightly so. We can't speak enough to the well-crafted natured of this record from song construction, to production; the mere fact that the band and Secretly Canadian are able to roll out singles like that of a major label, is amazing. Kicking of the LP campagin with "Ambling Alp," following that up with "One" and now on to working "I Remember," you are looking at three successful singles in an indie music world. With interesting music videos, good marketing schemes such as their Valentine's Day free EP (featuring the same video as above) available HERE, well selected tours and more, it's nice to see this band doing well. Keep it rollin'. Let's see what you have next.

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