Thursday, October 28, 2010

Soars Debut New Video

The self-titled debut album by Soars, has been a consistent charmer since we've gotten it, and has even sparked the interest of the venerable David Fricke, which actually surprises us a good bit. Not because Mr. Fricke doesn't enjoy good music, but the atmospheric, hazy, veiled songwriting and structures of this album, don't seem to strike me as something that the long-haired, distinctly rock-loving Rolling Stone journalist would go for. Kudos! But, we digress. Here's their new video for standout track "Throw Yourself Apart." Man, we hope this post doesn't show up on David Fricke's google alerts. Go get the new Soars album - they "do beguiling things with sweetness, distortion and suspense." (Fricke).

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