Saturday, November 14, 2009

One Scoop, or Two? Beck, Santigold and Beastie Boys Remix Norah Jones

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Genius. Norah Jones' newest effort, The Fall, which drops tomorrow (Blue Note), is already chock full o' tracks (and nuts?) more suitable to the mature and musically-inclined Norah fan. Now, Blue Note records and Jones team up to take down (new Thao bandname?) the indie-blogosphere in one fell swoop. These goddamn name droppers. "Chasing Pirates" the clear standout and now ready-made video track (above) from this album, has had the floor opened on it -- a call to arms for all remix-friendly artists. Who answered the call? Beck, Santigold and The Beastie Boys (who actually chose a different track.) Booyah! The best just got better -- albeit more ambient, indie and, cool? They put skinny jeans on Norah songs. But you be the judge... in two or three weeks when these bad boys are clear to post. We have them. We just aren't leakers. Regardless, these remixes, three in number, are going to spread like wildfire across the blog world, major publications, your parents, you name it. Again, genius. Santi and Beck chose to lend their hands to the aforementioned keynote track, "Chasing Pirates," while the Beasties chose "That's What I Said" which was on an NCIS soundtrack? What the fuck? OK.

Stream, in-full, Norah Jones' The Fall HERE and be happy.

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