Friday, November 13, 2009

Old Voice, New Post for the Weekend

Hello. I’m back. Probably not for long (let’s face facts), but just wanted to pop my head up here and weigh in on a few choice topics that are not buzzworthy. Or current. Now you see why I’m this blog’s most highly valued writer. Also, I love beating dead horses.

A few things.

1. Maybe pick up the Wild Yaks album, 10 Ships (Don’t Die Yet). It’s pretty fetch, and you should experience it in as many ways as possible. For example, grind it up and sprinkle it on your morning oatmeal. Knit a sweater out of it and wear it around town. Do yoga on it. Liquefy it and inject it into your eyeballs. I don’t know what you like to do with your albums…it’s a personal choice, whatever.

2. Make a mix CD for one of your friends sometime soon. I just did this. What seems like a relatively simple endeavor evolves into a massive journey of musical self-exploration. Also, don’t make the classic mix mistake of putting all YOUR favorite songs on it, you selfish B. Most of your friends don’t want to hear that weird shit. Try to come up with a rough estimate of what they might like…way more challenging. Fine, sneak in a few of your own gems too. I find I like to “book end” my mixes…first song is an original, last song is a cover or a song that samples the original. For example, The Dovers’ “What Am I Going To Do”, and Atlas Sound’s “Walkabout.” Sick mix bookends.

3. David Byrne’s song “And She Was” is about a girl on an acid trip. I’ve been listening to that song for years, and I just figured that out. What a satisfying musical revelation THAT was. I practically jumped out of my pants! Then I looked it up, and apparently everyone knows that. Aw man.

4. If you go out tonight you should try to drink a few Old Fashioneds because it’s kind of cold out and it seems appropriate. Also, they are delicious! If you’re one of those people that tries to be trendy by eschewing trendy things, don’t order any Old Fashioneds because I think they’re trendy.

Bye for now!
-Tara McCarthy

Stark (Minimally) Contributing Writer

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