Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Deer Tick Announces iTunes Exclusive EP

December 1 marks the release of Deer Tick's iTunes-exclusive EP, More Fuel for the Fire -- it also marks my, Vince's, birthday. Well how about that. This aptly-titled release from DT comes as his fall tour with Neko Case ends. More Fuel for the Fire is the icing on the cake that is 2009 for Deer Tick -- a year that felt more like a setup for 2010, than a major release year. We know Born on Flag Day came out back in June, but it tasted like mild Newman's Own salsa, not a Cemita Milanesa -- we wanted a Cemita.

Check out end of November tour dates w/ Neko Case and tracklist after the jump.

11/18 - Charlotte, NC Knight Theatre *
11/19 - Orlando, FL The Plaza Theatre *
11/20 - Tallahassee, FL The Moon *
11/21 - New Orleans, LA The Republic *
11/22 - Houston, TX Warehouse Live *

* = w/ Neko Case
Deer Tick
More Fuel For The Fire EP
iTunes Exclusive
Dec. 1, 2009

1. La La La
2. Dance of Love
3. Axe Is Forever
4. Straight Into A Storm (Live from the Visulite Theatre, Charlotte, NC)


The Lifeshamer said...

I totally agree about BOFD, and also, Neko Case meh's me to death. Fingers crossed for a Cemita.

The Lifeshamer said...

also...there's a new Mel in town...and it's me.