Wednesday, October 14, 2009

New Video: Mayer Hawthorne "Green Eyed Love"

Mayer Hawthorne drinks absinthe like a baller -- he burns the sugar cube and all. So say what you will about this white-boy soul singer from Michigan (!?): does he have the mojo or not? We are half and half here. A Strange Arrangement was a real hit-or-miss record, with massive highs, such as "Just Ain't Gonna Work Out," and "Your Easy Lovin'" and the rest of the record failing to produce. The video above is for Hawthorne's "Green Eyed Love" of that same album -- a song chock full of double entendres. First thing that came to our mind, 'My green eyed love?' More like 'My HQ love' -- this video is sharp looking and breaks down into some sort of pseudo James Bond opening credits montage toward the end. Good enough for our tastes and bizarre Wednesday morning hangover when Tuesday night included only Thai food and Lost? What the hell?

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karp said...

absinthe is awesome... but he's drinking lucid which is not acceptable. I like st. george verte which is currently in my parlor. 30's party?
also, you too? i have some lucille 2 crap going on but i only had chinese and gossip girl. maybe it's a delayed saturday night hangover or a pre-cmj hangover...