Thursday, October 8, 2009

Kurt Vile at The Mercury Lounge

Kurt Vile hid behind his hair but stood center stage firmly and confidently. He had nothing to lose, nothing to fear... Vile’s band then joined him on stage for what can only be described as a riotous attempt. Attempting to tackle something is half the battle, but sometimes you don’t make it.

So as things went, real life kept us out of the Mercury Lounge last night. It happens I guess. Luckily, there are other folks in the blogosphere that can pick up our slack. Enter the always awesome blog, Microphone Memory Emotion. Booyah. Our readers know we've been behind Kurt Vile for awhile now, so our anticipation was high for the show. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like our Philly brethren fully delivered on the hype. Click HERE to read MME's full review.

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