Thursday, October 8, 2009

Jason Molina and Will Johnson Collaboration

Well we're just giddy round these parts for the collaboration between Jason Molina (Magnolia Electric Co./Songs Ohia) and Will Johnson (South San Gabriel/Centomatic). You aready know our love for these purveyors of the darker side of country rock, so really we're just here to share with you the information on the release, the new mp3, and well, our general excitement. There you go. Here's some nice words from your friendly label, Secretly Canadian. Molina and Johnson will be available on Secretly Canadian November 3 in the US, and November 2 in the UK.
Each artists' familiar aesthetics lay intact, but find a new, intriguing middle ground on Molina and Johnson. Molina's documentarian, record-the-room ethos finds a home in Johnson's subtle atmospherics and production tweaks; and Molina's powerful tenor croon finds a fitting dance partner in Johnson's equally moving soft-gravel vox. While the individual performances from each are stunning in their own right, the musical mind meld that was captured is absolutely the occasion it should be.

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