Monday, September 28, 2009

New Avett Brothers Video: "I And Love And You"

It took about two weeks, but holy hell, I'm pretty much in love with the new Avett Brothers record, I And Love And You. As a huge fan of the group's Ramseur output, I was initially turned off by the big, shiny Rick Rubin-produced ballads that dominate I And Love and found myself longing for the rawer, more rollicking sound that we've come to know from the brothers. But the more time I spent with the record, I came to realize that even though the production may be glossier and the tempos are slower, these are the best songs the brothers have ever written. It all starts with the lead, title track, with a slow build, glorious climax and shoutout to Brooklyn that sets the stage for the rest of the record and the band's career. The video for the track is a wonderful representation of the sadness that comes with leaving home and comfort. Catch the band performing the song tonight on Letterman at 11:35 p.m. on CBS, and of course, I And Love And You is in stores tomorrow via American/Columbia.

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Xanthe said...

I absolutely LOVE these guys. I bought the Great Lake Swimmers cd yesterday and I really wished I had gotten I and Love and You as well. Definitely my next purchase, I've been youtube listening to their music for far too long now haha.