Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Thoughts From My Lunch Hour: Am I Going to Hell for Not Enjoying Bob Dylan Live?

...Yes, probably, whatever. Blasphemy! I saw Dylan live yesterday, and U-G-H. I wanted to dig him, wanted to walk away deeply moved or something, but all I felt was boredom and even a little gassy. You can read a quasi-and-I-mean-really-quasi-review that I wrote this morning, but it's probably just better if I copy and paste this Gmail chat I had this morning with Matt regarding the concert. Enjoy this unfiltered and incredibly meaningful conversation from two of today's brightest young minds. Mostly this is just lazy blogging, though. Enjoy:

Stark: how was the dylan show?
me: in one word, tedious. the atmosphere was great, and
obviously it was killer to see him and willie a few feet away

me: but honestly, it was incoherent babbling. really
disappointing. should've expected it though
Stark: yeah - it's a tough thing to get through
me: i mean, admittedly i'm only a modest dylan fan, love a couple of records and am
lukewarm to the rest... most people were there for the myth more than
Stark: yeah - it's so weird to look up there and think that's the same guy
Stark: you see paul simon and you're like - ok I can see how he recorded Bridge Over Troubled Water, but you see Bob and you're like - I can't believe this was the kid who wrote Hard Rain's Gonna Fall
me: yes! totally totally what i was thinking. like, it took me 3 minutes into the song to figure out that he was playing dont think twice its alright, because you couldn't
understand him and the arrangement was terrible
Stark: yeah - it's just such a weird operation
me: if it's any consolation, the band ripped, but that was one of the few bright spots
Stark: yes

Like I said, very meaningful, very bright. The point is, I didn't like Dylan, and I shouldn't feel ashamed for that but I do. WHY ALL THE INTERNAL CONFLICT? Anyway, hate to be a drag, but that's it for today. More tomorrow!

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The Lifeshamer said...

dylan sucks're not alone!