Tuesday, July 28, 2009

New Vic Chesnutt mp3

Vic Chesnutt is one of the true unsung heroes of the folk/Americana scene. He's been crafting wonderfully dark and haunting albums for almost 20 years. He's critically acclaimed and adored by his peers, yet, somehow left out of most stories that are written about the genres in which he resides. For some reason, we feel like Vic is okay with that. The shadowy characters that inhabit his songs often embody a dark, yet, wry humor, that one can only imagine comes straight from the writer himself. Vic returns September 22 with a new album, At The Cut, coming out on Constellation Records. This is his follow up to 2007's North Star Deserter. We have a new mp3 "Chain" for you above. For a back catalog choice, we choose the spry, brighter affair Is The Actor Happy? New West has reissued a lot of these older records, which are fairly essential listening. (Thx ListenDammit)

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