Tuesday, July 28, 2009

YACHT - "See Mystery Lights" Song-by-Song in Twitter Form

The highly anticipated YACHT record, See Mystery Lights, was just released today on DFA Records. Jona Bechtolt and Claire Evans are YACHT, hailing from the somewhat unlikely Portland, OR region. The locale is unlikely only because the group's sound is reminiscent of an East coast bedroom popper, though production quality is nice and clean. We thought we'd indulge the social networking beings-that-be, and use Twitter's 140-character textual regulatory method for review purposes. Enjoy Googling YACHT...reminds me of Gob.

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Track One - "Ring the Bell"
::Egg shaker intro. Loving the jaunty MIDI back line. Catchy vocal lines, nice harmonies with electronic effects. "Will we go to heaven" -chorus.

Track Two - "The Afterlife"
::Beach Boy-like drum intro. Female lead now. Sparse beginning. "Hail to thee, land of heroes!" Feels like a B-52's track on ecstasy.

Track Three - "I'm In Love With a Ripper"
::Stripper or Ripper? Hilarious. Poppiest song yet. Drum machine is tasty. Autotune in full-force but works. Crazy Kayne/MJ hybrid feel

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Track Four - "It's Boring/You Can Live Where You Want."
:: This song is 8:52 in length.

Track Five - "Psychic City (Voodoo City)"
:: Female lead. Has a Talking Head's "Cities" feel. "Dream of London. Small city." YACHT sings "I use to live in a Psychic City." Mildly fun.

Track Six - "Summer Song"
:: Feels like LCD Soundsystem. Heavy house beat. Layered electro beats. Vocal lines, eh. Not very summery.

Track Seven - "We Have All We Ever Wanted"
:: Ominous beginning. Feel like "Thriller" is about to drop. Doesn't really go anywhere. Feeling this record may be front loaded?

Track Eight - "Don't Fight the Darkness"
:: Sick beat. Uh. Uh. Where is this going? Ah, lyrics are lazy sounding. Fun tribal beats though. End of song picks up nicely.

Track Nine - "I'm In Love With A Ripper (Party Mix)"
:: Yep. It's a party mix. Get up with the get down.

Track Ten - "Psychic City (Version)"
:: The end of the album.

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