Monday, July 13, 2009

New Mission of Burma

Ok, so we were just called out in our comment section for not being the hugest fans of Mission Of Burma. We're cool with that, and understand where the band fits in the whole scheme of things, but hey - not everyone's perfect. Yet, it's still news when they have a new album, so again via the Matablog (Matador has been having a pretty stellar showing of late) we have the newest mp3 “1, 2, 3, Partyy!” which we have to say, is pretty nice. Grab it above and keep your eye out for The Sound The Speed The Light which drops October 6th with a pre-album 7″ containing two non-LP tracks: “Innermost” and “Here It Comes” coming on August 14th.
Recorded in Boston with Bob Weston at the controls, the record is a departure from the pinned-needles roar of 2006’s The Obliterati. The new album sounds far more spacious and dynamic. It is more or less divided into 4 sets or suites of 3 songs. Each suite explores a set of moods or colors, across the usual dizzying array of lyrical topics, from alcoholism to fleshly concerns.

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