Monday, July 13, 2009

Monday Blog Reel

Summer Cats: "Super"
the bird and the bee: "My Love"
Lily Allen: "22"
Sally Shapiro: "Love in July"
Sean Bones: "Dancehall"

Although we usually like to run these joints on Friday, today seems to be a fairly slow news day and there is a surprising plate of nice videos that have been hitting recently. Even though we really despise the whole cat themed thing (apologies to Karp) we're still making this video from Slumberland artists Summer Cats our lead. Besides their penchant for annoying felines, this band knows how to write a catchy summer pop jam, and in fact wrote a whole album of them. Songs for Tuesdays comes out tomorrow (Tuesday). Hah. Oy.

the bird and the bee "My Love" - which is unembedable because EMI apparently hates marketing. Yet, somehow the Lily Allen video is embedable below because it's labeled Parlophone?? 

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