Thursday, July 30, 2009

Liam the Younger

The photo says it all. Thanks to Chocolate Bobka for pointing us to the 2 free albums from Liam the Younger. His two tracks "Country Wide" and "This Land pt 1" stood out to us immediately from the fuzzy, reverb-heavy noise of the excellent Underwater Peoples summer compilation. Out of the haze, came this lonesome acoustic guitar hinting at familiar strains of old American folk melodies. His voice was understated and closely recorded, while the songs as a whole hinted at the dustbowl world of Woody Guthrie. We took to him immediately. While we can't go on record as to the quality of the two albums available above via Brave Men Run (we just got them last night), we can safely state that Liam the Younger plays a mysterious strand of lo-fi folk that we find addicting and highly rewarding. He somehow channels visions of a rural americana that is slowly being phased out by the generic strip malls and freeways of 2009. Certainly looking forward to hearing and learning more about this artist soon.

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