Thursday, July 30, 2009

New Joe Henry

Joe Henry doesn't get enough love on this site. That stops now. Not only are we huge fans of his music, we've had the pleasure to work with him in a professional capacity, and there really isn't a nicer more humble musician out there these days. This post could easily be feature length, touching on his early highlights (Short Man's Room) mid-career gems (Scar), recent highlights (Civilians) and now his new record Blood From The Stars (8/18 Anti). That's not even mentioning his production work for amazing artists such as Mary Gauthier and Betty Lavette. He is renowned by critics and held in the highest regards by fellow musicians. We haven't heard more than snippets from his newest record, but what we heard has more than whett our appitte for his most recent effort. Can't wait. Here is a track from that record "The Man I Keep Hid" (via Magnet).


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I have posted reviews of "Tiny Voices" as well as "Shuffletown" on a website called I find it interesting that both of these are seldom mentioned when folks discuss Mr. Henry, when they mean so much to me.