Thursday, June 4, 2009

Thursday Round-Up

Busy busy around these parts, so commenters, I don't want to see and "lazy" comments got it?? We're gonna throw out a few items here that have gotten us pretty hot and bothered today.

You know by now that The Antlers have been signed to Frenchkiss and are re-releasing their amazing and now remastered record Hospice on August 18th. Today they released their second single "Two" which is our favorite track live and on record. Dig it.

[mp3] The Antlers: "Two" (via)

Tuesday June 9th Little Boots releases her debut EP "Illuminations" state-sisde. We have it and it's great. If you don't know who Little Boots is by now, tough shit - we're not telling you. Her LP "Hands" comes out the same day in the UK. We're not cool enough in the states for it yet I guess. Those with English iTunes accounts can buy it though. Sam Cooke, here's lookin' at you kid. Stream "Not Now"

Gorilla vs. Bear has the exclusive new J.Tillman track from his new record coming in September. Fist bump to Mike Bailey for getting us into this ace songwriter before he got all famous and joined that little band Fleet Foxes. Go man go.

[mp3] J. Tillman: "Earthly Bodies"

Adding to the summer fun is the aptly named Brooklyn surf-rock-noise band Boogie Board whose fuzzed-out guitar-overdrive jams have an abrasive but catchy-ass nature that will add kickass any to a summer backyard party. Despite our motto, your mom probably won't like this song. Pizza Hero comes out 6/23.

[mp3] Boogie Board: "Bio Hassle" (via)

Oh yeah - I hate THIS. I don't even want to post it. It's Nietzsche not Twain douchebags (Good job commenters.) Poor kid. Poor Joanna Newsom. Poor us.


murda said...

holy moly i hate that vid too.

Anonymous said...

how can you not love that video!! MGMT are one of the best new bands in the marketplace today.