Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Summer is No Myth - Holiday Shores

Today marks another entry in our quest for the best summer playlist. We're not talking about "Thong Song" here, we're thinking more along the lines of Little Joy's record from last year, The Underwater People's Compilation
from this year, or pretty much any collection of David Byrne and or Marisa Monte. From what we've heard of the band Holiday Shores, their melodies are relaxed and catchy as shit, with loping rhythms and squawks and squeals of noise thrown in at just the right places. Holiday Shores are the brainchild of 21-year-old Nathan Pemberton who happens to live on Holiday Shores Ct. somewhere near the beach in Florida's panhandle. The band consists of Pemberton's friends who, according to the press release, "spent months recording together in Pemberton's living room obsessing over vintage gear and perfecting their captivating hooks, and heart-warming melodies." Sure. Sign us up. Holiday Shores' debut record Columbus'd The Whim comes out August 4 on Twosyllable Records. They are playing a ton of NY shows and are at the Cake Shop tonight. Check out more dates and the tracklist after the jump.

Full tour coming soon.

New York Dates
6/2 - New York, NY @ Le Poisson Rouge w/Emilie Simon
6/3 - WNYU In-studio
6/3 Cake Shop
6/4 - Piano's w/ Jack Penate
6/4 - Fader Acoustic Performance
6/4 - Private Party @ SPIN Office
6/5 Shea Stadium, Brooklyn

Phones Don't Fued
Errand Of Tongue
Bradley Bear
I'll Spend Money I Don't Have
Edge Of Our Lives
Days Drag
Tremor Rolls The Peak

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