Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Llamas Are The Move

Such a great time to be a llama, you guys. There's no denying that the animal is in the midst of a serious career renaissance, after falling out of the public eye in recent years. In the new Dirty Projectors video for "Stillness Is The Move," which is scientifically proven to be the jam of the year, lead Projector and part-time herder Dave Longstreth has some serious one-on-one time with a llama while his female bandmates get their Destiny's Child on in a field. Meanwhile, today marks the release of Wilco's long-awaited seventh disc, Wilco (the album), whose cover artwork prominently features a llama in a birthday hat. Or is it a camel? Shit, we can never tell the difference. Anyway, it's also scientifically proven that all even-toed ungulates are serious indie snobs, so today is probably the best day for them, know what I mean? Enjoy it. Video via P4K TV.

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