Monday, June 29, 2009

Fanfarlo Cover Bonnie Prince Billy

While we're not quite ready to come out with such a bold statement (we've only had it for a week) folks around the blogosphere are hailing Fanfarlo's Reservoir as one of the top records of the year. From our first few listens, we can at least concur that it's a damn fine piece of musicianship and a really solid record. Blending elements of Bon Iver, and the organic nature of Beirut, Fanfarlo are shooting on a straight course to success. The band is well aware of the '09 model that the more content you release, the better it is for your band (given you're in a good band). They have recorded several DIY videos, that show the band's talent and enjoyment for playing their (and others) songs. Above is a cover of Bonnie Price Billy's gem, "A Minor Place." Reservoir is only a dollar on their website right now, and is available with exclusive tracks. Someone should tell Bob Lefsetz about these folks, because clearly they know what it takes to be a band in 2009.

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