Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Holiday Shores Cover Art - mp3

Kill yourself Blogger. Due to technical difficulties - you can find the cover art HERE.

After posting about Holiday Shores and taking a few spins through their promising new record Columbus'd The Whim, we decided to take a gander at them at Pianos a few weeks ago. It was an early set (7:30) that these Florida kids played before heading off to headline a private party at Spin Magazine's head-quarters. How posh. The set was good not great, and besides the high quantity of great looking people (hot fanbase I guess) the show was fairly unremarkable. Yet, there is something about this band and their record that keeps us coming back. They posses a youthful sloppiness and produce sunny melodies hidden by dirty guitars and vintage keyboard sounds. Holiday Shores have the potential to be that band blog-buzz and hype push into the limelight before they are fully ready; but what band would ever turn that down? It remains to be seen how the rest of the blog community takes to the band, but for now, we'll let their music do the talking and leave it up to y'all. Certainly some youngsters with great potential, songwriting chops and charm to spare.

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