Thursday, June 11, 2009

Showcase Showdown: Xylos

As the days wear on, one giving away to another, senses heighten, ears perk, and anticipation mounts as we are now on Showcase Countdown Day: 3. We at Stark enjoy one word, two syllable artist names: Jaymay, Tristen and subject three: Xylos.

Xylos has made a fast break for notoriety this spring. Their tropical backyard-BBQ-pop caught our attention as well as the attention of L Magazine, who named them one of their top 8 artists to watch in New York -- a feature which seems to garner more respect and media coverage each year. The accolades bestowed upon Xylos have been truly well deserved.

Most of the tunes they play are from their free EP, Bedrooms, which is awash in subtle electronics and stellar co-ed vocal interplay. We caught Xylos during a rousing headlining set to a packed house at Pianos. Even in a relatively sterile room, their music exuded a lightness and a warmth, that not only got people dancing (a rarity,) but lifted the mood of the entire audience. In a music scene, where pretentiousness and over-hype can easily detract from the scene of a show, Xylos offer an honest, fun, and musically diverse approach. As underwhelming as those adjectives sound on the surface, Xylos are a band that is bringing an accessible and decidedly fresh sound to indie rock, without losing any style or the ever sought after "cred." If you've dealt with one too many noise-punk acts this year, Xylos are the band you're looking for.

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