Monday, June 8, 2009

And The Relatives feat. the Garland Sisters

And The Relatives "Animals"
from Lake Fever Sessions on Vimeo.

And The Relatives = Patrick Rodgers, Eli Beaird, and Andrew Brassel.
Garland Sisters = Tristen and Caitlin Rose
All those pictured above are good friends of Stark Online; be it Patrick Rodgers with whom some of us worked and attended Bonnaroo with; Eli Beaird and Andrew Brassel, with whom we once enjoyed intense fireworks, good concerts and a multiple whiskey's/PBRs. Caitlin Rose, long-time friend and companion of Stark, featured in many-a-post. Or, Tristen, good friend and opener for our Northside Showcase this Saturday.

We are glad to see them all in one place putting their various musical talents on display. And the Relatives recently released their newest EP, Animals which is available on iTunes and the usual spots. Tristen is getting ready for a Northeast tour and has handmade EPs available at her live shows. And Caitlin is in the process for finishing her debut full-length.

Hi to all. Love the sessions.

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