Friday, May 8, 2009

On The Blog Reel: Vega, Animal Collective, Jason Lytle

Vega: "No Reasons"
Animal Collective: "Summertime Clothes"
Jason Lytle: "I Am Lost (and the moment cannot last)"


Because we hate original or exclusive content, we're going to leave you today with three videos that have been bouncing around the internet this week, but are all super great. We have: Animal Collective and a sweet dance group on Letterman playing "Summertime Clothes", a tight vintage 80s skate movie compilation for Vega's hot jam "No Reasons" that we posted earlier this week, and the new video from the much anticipated Jason Lytle record Yours Truly, The Commuter that comes out next week. So without further ado, three videos we like, that you may have already seen. Come on, we gave you Jim Ford and Franco this week too - I know Stereogum ain't writing about them. Dig it after the jump.

I Am Lost (And the Moment Cannot Last) from jason lytle on Vimeo.

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