Monday, May 11, 2009

Chunk Of Change

The great Billy Joel once sang to his first wife, "Don't go changing," professing that he loved her just the way she was, and damnit, it was fine with him. And then they divorced. Our grade school understanding of the transitive property tells us, therefore, that stagnation leads to unhappiness. Which is why you're looking at a very different Stark on this fine Monday morning. You see, change is great. Don't let Billy Joel or anyone else tell you otherwise. 

We were growing tired of our old pants, so we put on a new pair and golly... they fit just right. (Tell us when to stop with the terrible metaphors, by the way.) There's a whole lot of new on the site, so go ahead and look around. Surprises everywhere. Keep in mind that we're still trying to fix a few kinks. Bottom line? We like our new digs a whole lot, and we hope you do too. Now, to get your week started, here's a little nugget from The Man In Black about -- what else? -- change. Enjoy!  

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