Friday, May 8, 2009

Sure (Why Not?)

Yeah, so that's the new Wilco album cover. We're all for irony and comedy, but we don't really want it from Wilco. Remember when Jeff Tweedy was all fucked up and wrote serious songs about real life issues? And girls? Now we get camels and songs about his band. Haven't heard the record, but on a level of 1-10, our interest in this album is at about a 2. Thanks guys. Wilco (The Album) due 6/30 on Nonesuch. Tracks after the jump. VIA

01 "Wilco (The Song)"
02 "Deeper Down"
03 "One Wing"
04 "Bull Black Nova"
05 "You And I"
06 "You Never Know"
07 "Country Disappeared"
08 "Solitaire"
09 "I'll Fight"
10 "Sonny Feeling"
11 "Everlasting Everything"

1 comment:

Matt said...

wow...I have to believe Nels had something to do with this.