Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Rio En Medio Relaunch Frontier

was that record we got, and liked a long time ago, but somehow got swept under the couch and pushed off the playlist by the constant influx of new music. We didn't really catch any Rio En Medio tour dates, didn't see their name around, or really hear much of anything from her camp after Frontier's initial release. Another sad casualty of an over-saturated market. BUT, Frontier lives again. Revived by Manimal Vinyl and a backed by a new publicist, Frontier will see widespread distribution with a new release date of July 14th. Rio En Medio also joins Brightblack Morning Light on 3 tour dates. See what we previously wrote about Frontier after the jump, along with cover art, video and tour dates!

Surely to be prematurely slapped with the "freak-folk" label, Rio en Medio deserves better than that. She is able to meld her folk-style-baritone-ukulele with darker electronic beats and sounds while successfully capturing ancient feels within the context of modern music. Rio en Medio, whose real name is Danielle Stech-Homsy, wrote this record in the the wintry climes of her rural New Mexican home -- going it alone Bon Iver style. Her vocal imagery is rooted in the poetry and literature she studied, while her music lays in a bed of dark synthesizers with her ukulele high in the mix. Certainly one to keep your eye out for this fall.

Rio en Medio
(Manimal Vinyl)
Street date: July 14, 2009

01 Heartless
02 Ferris
03 The Umbrella
04 The Diamond Wall
05 Venus of Willendorf
06 Standing Horses
07 The Last Child's Tear
08 Frontier
09 Fall Up
10 Stars Are
11 Nameless

All dates with Brightblack Morning Light

May 24 Solar Culture Tucson, Arizona
May 26 Casbah San Diego, California
May 29 Eagle Rock Center for the Arts Los Angeles, California

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