Wednesday, May 6, 2009

New Sally Shapiro "Miracle" mp3

It's almost become a cliche to call Sally Shapiro's 2007 album Disco Romance a "guilty pleasure." Why should it have to be though? It was a great album of nostalgic dance-pop. Sure it could be a little twee at times, but we loved the shit out of it honestly. It was catchy, a little melancholy and generally perfect for winter listening. Therefore, it's fairly ironic that her follow up record is entitled My Guilty Pleasure. Today, we get the first mp3 "Miracle" from that record (due out in August on Paper Bag Records (thx)) via Stereogum. Her signature melodic hooks and great voice are intact here amidst booming storm clouds and layers of synth and keys. As most of her songs do, Miracle reflects on "the nostalgia you can feel over a lost relationship. Maybe it really felt like a miracle when it was going on, at least for you. Or maybe you just remember the relationship as better than it actually was." We've all been there.

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Anonymous said...

Sally's album is out in August via Paper Bag Records.