Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Band to Watch: Acrylics

Acrylics: "Molly's Vertigo"

Acrylics have been starting to make moves in the New York and Brooklyn areas with their softly produced, 70s pop-influenced jams. "Molly's Vertigo" is easily one of our favorite songs of 2009. By blending organic drums and guitars with gentle keys and synths, Acrylics are able to avoid the tired "new wave" tag and channel a sound, at times, more reminiscent of 70s Linda Rondstadt than 80s dance music. While only three songs are up on their myspace, it's easy to tell that Acrylics are the real deal. The production is first rate (a.k.a. not Lo Fi scuzz) and the songwriting is tight and well executed, with the male/female duo sharing vocal duties. They have management ties to Chairlift and count MGMT, Amazing Baby (ew), Suckers, and Grizzly Bear as some of their top myspace friends. The demo they're shooting for is clear, but Arcylics seem to posses a softer wistfulness and melancholy that helps to seperate them from the pack and add a little more depth to their approach. Definitely a band to watch in the summer of '09.

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