Wednesday, May 6, 2009

On the Radar - Roadside Graves

What do you know about the Roadside Graves? Hard working band, still trying to make good. These New Jersey locals somehow exude southern soul. We're talking about a band who's 2007 release, No One Will Know Where You've Been, garnered a highly coveted 7.5 rating from Pitchfork and our continuing adoration. Now the boys are gearing up to release their newest effort, My Son's Home (6/2 -Autumn Tone Records,) which does everything you want. Drawing on the best elements of No One..., My Son's Home is charged with alt. country-influenced group choruses, vamped-up guitar, beautiful piano lines and of course, the signature scratchy vocals of John Gleason.

We were able to catch the Graves at Trash Bar in Brooklyn sometime ago --their show was rollicking, endearing, and sweaty. The band seemed humbled by their looming successes, yet still knowledgeable about the work ahead. These guys aren't famous by any means, but they are trying to be and that's good enough.

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