Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wild Light Don't Like California, Do Like Marilyn Monroe, The Word 'Fuck'

[fucking mp3]

Thought we'd share the fucking new video from Wild Light for their fucking buzzworthy single, "California On My Mind," which is currently premiering over at fucking Spinner. It's a fucking simple, single-take documentation in black and fucking white of a fucking sad, slightly jaded Hollywood starlet (the dead but always fucking enchanting Marilyn Monroe, here in the guise of a fucking lookalike.) And then the fucking band comes in, stylishly rocking out to a two-and-a-fucking-half-minute pop song about various things they don't fucking like about California. We're way high on this fucking song, but to be fucking honest, the album let us down. (Adult Nights, out now via fucking StarTime.) There are a couple of fucking gems similar to the single, like fucking "New Hampshire," (these guys love their fucking states) and "My Father Was A Horse," but the rest is just kinda fucking boring. Oh well. Dig the fucking video at least. 

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Anonymous said...

hilarious! catchy tune too.