Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Neko Case Debuts at #3 Selling 47K

While we usually let the larger publications, like ohh Spin, the New York Times, Blender, Rolling Stone, Pitchfork etc. bestow accolades on the larger acts, we would like to take a few lines and say how happy we are to see the new Neko Case so high on the Billboard charts. Neko Case has made outstanding records for a long time, and Middle Cyclone (Anti) is one of, if not her best. The Neko Case, Andrew Bird, Wilco, M.Ward model of press and marketing is setting the new standard for success in the indie realm. While all gaining different modicums of fame, they largely share the same demographic and have all had great record sales (for their genre) over the past few years. So, congrats to Neko, it certainly is nice to see great numbers for great music. If you haven't, buy the record and enjoy.

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hmla2599 said...

I, too, am quite happy. And also love the cover. It's a car I've always wanted to drive cross country.