Thursday, March 19, 2009

SXSW: Day One Round Up: Great Success!

Dead, Drunk and Naked:
Tim Liveblogs the World

Tim reports from his first day at SX:

"Yesterday I hit 6th and Red River (where it all happens) with only a moderate agenda and scored big with some great "day party" sets. Here are some highlights:

Caitlin Rose and Vetiver at the Austinist/BMI Party at Mohawk:
Caitlin Rose::
Caitlin Rose is a stone faced killer. She mercilessly launched charm bullets all over the mid-afternoon beer swiggers. Those that may have thought "ehh solo acoustic artists ehh" all got a reminder that when songs are really good, it doesn't much matter how they are accompanied. A particular highlight was "Answer in One of These Bottles," which has all the melody and wit I want in a country tune. The crowd joined in one the final chorus willingly.

More including reviews of Vetiver, Wavves and Lake after the jump.
Vetiver's set was like sitting in a bath tub at just the right temperature with about a half a bottle of wine. Ya know that feeling where you don't actually know how long you will stay in one particular spot, but you have absolutely no intention of moving? Their songs are lean and satisfying with a lush blend of tones (acoustic and electric guitars, Wurly, electric bass) that made the set feel, as Dostoyevsky first said, "All good." I couldn't exactly tell the origin of each sound, which is, I think, how both band and audience wanted it. In short, these guys killed it and I was pleased to soak it up until sufficiently pruney.

Wavves and Lake (Ha! They're both water) Forcefield PR/Terrorbird Party at Red7:
Wavves are a couple of devious little fuckers. Slipping in a set of deafening 2:30 p.m. punk rants under the cover of hipster costumes. Clever clever. Strip the crunch off the drums and the reverb off the vocals and the sound is a crisp slap in the face. In a good way, like washing your face with cold water.

Fun songs + relaxed performance = a relaxed, fun crowd. Lake seems like one of those bands that plays up the "oh, we don't really know what we're doing" thing, but their cover is blown with their hooky writing and intelligent arrangements. Think warm Wurly tone with jangly-electric guitar, zappy synth and Meg White drum beats. They were clearly having fun, not just performing, and it certainly translated.

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