Monday, March 23, 2009

New Music from the UK and Brooklyn

Polly Scattergood "Nitrogen Pink" mp3 (Removed by EMI - good luck paying off that Citi debt Terra Firma)

We received Polly Scattergood's self-titled debut record the other day, and for lack of a better word, it's fantastic. Already making waves in her homeland of the UK and a Stark artist to watch, Scattergood's dark, driving songs are hard to pin down with a description. They build slowly and swirl around a juiced-vocal track; filled with pianos and twinkling electronics, the songs all find their way to catchy, yet epic and dense crescendos. Polly Scattergood comes out in the US on May 19 via Mute Records. I don't really put too many songs "on repeat," but I think I've listened to the single "Nitrogen Pink" more times than any other single in the past few months. Scattergood's newest feature track "I Hate the Way" including b-side "Poet Song" is out now.

In other news from Mute Records...

The Tiny Masters of Today went into SXSW with a good amount of buzz. We haven't heard any reports back yet, but we have been spinning their new record Skeletons quite a bit since we got it. It's a crazy mash up of dance, punk and elctro mixed with some riffy guitar parts and post-rock chord structures. Oh yeah, the band consists of Brooklyn siblings Ida and Ada who are 15 and 12 respectively. Sure, it's a cute marketing angle, but their music stands up. We should also mention the laundry list of credible stars they have worked with such as: Karen O and Nick Zinner, Kimya Dawson, Fred Schneider, and Gibby Haynes. They've been remixed by CSS and Liars and David Bowie even lauded their first homemade single as "Genius." So, there you go -- we give you Tiny Masters of Today. Despite their pre-teen status, they are certainly worthy of the praise they have been receiving. Skeletons comes out June 16th via Mute.

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