Tuesday, March 24, 2009

New Felice Brothers: "Run Chicken Run" Mp3, Yonder Tracklist


Team Love is dropping the new Felice Brothers LP, Yonder Is The Clock on April 7th, and we're all pretty jazzed about it. And we're pleased as punch to offer the set's first single, "Run Chicken Run," today. Consider our appetites whetted. (Or is it wetted? We can never remember.) It's a great update on last year's self-titled record, containing the elements you've come to know and love from the boys -- rollicking accordion and fiddle, very-Dylanesque vocals and a made-in-the-mud chorus -- while improving the fidelity and adding new textures, like the fuzzy third verse. You can pre-order the ghostly, Twain-inspired Yonder vinyl at the label's webstore and get an album download link next week. 

Yonder Is The Clock:

1 The Big Surprise 
2 Penn Station
3 Buried In Ice
4 Chicken Wire
5 Ambulance Man
6 Sailor Song
7 Katie Dear
8 Run Chicken Run
9 All When We Were Young
10 Boy from Lawrence County
11 Memphis Flu 
12 Cooperstown 
13 Rise and Shine

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